RTS forums take up a lot of space!

Before i cleared everything which btw doesnt work in normal clearing of history, i use an app called Ccleaner once a week and clean out my phone and still had to go into site settings to clear over 6gb of stored data!


This is where you go on chrome to clear it. I have some buddies who will be looking into why this is storing this much, these forums dont need to take 6gb! Youtube, PU forums, twitter, facebook, gmail, etc all combined didnt take up 6gb!

@ForumAdmin Can you get back to me why these forums are taking up 6gb of space? Even with all the posts, i would think something like youtube, twitter, facebook, etc would take up more space.


So i found out these forums store an insane amount of cookies, after blocking cookies and clearing site settings and history i was not able to log into the forums, scopely must be selling our cookies harder than the girl scouts

How else are they going to spy on you and find some way to monetize your use of the forums just like every single aspect of the game?


Wow, 6.3 GBs for me too. Absurd

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it would seem that you were putting every picture every word everything before I’ve ever been into your cache. It is a very weird way to make the forums faster to offload everything onto the user. They must run on ancient servers.

Sinned my boy!

Hola Carlito

5gb is to cater for the egos


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