RTS Compensation Pull - Show your results

Scopely in all its generosity granted us a free RTS pull to make us forget about the latest issues.

Please post your results and spread the word about how generous Scopely is!


Keep on surviving guys. Lol

I got 4* Red Richard. He’s gonna change my team forever… not

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Exactly why it should be shown, someone will combo break it with a great pull followed by fifty more four stars lol

Garbage as expected


Lucky lucky me…


Such generosity…

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I got 4* Tony. Fail

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Should have been 1 victory pull…

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4* Dexter



:fu: I don’t know if they added this new toon but I got it for compensation so it has to be good

4* Chad

I won’t pull cuz Im not accepting their apology


Seriously?? Who makes these decisions for this company. It’s pixels you douchbags. It’s cost you nothing. You think a four star for 99 percent of the players is an apology. You guys are imbeciles.


Nothing makes sense to them. If giving an I’m sorry is giving 99% of the player base an unaccendable or a completely worthless 4* 1 lillith and 10 Burt’s makes sense then there is really nothing of value left to this game. There is another token wheel going and it gives ascendable toons 100%. No give everyone a pull on the crap wheel and the 1% that actually get a useable character will be happy leaving 99% of the players still very unhappy. You honestly think a majority of the players will pay $25 a month for this. Constant bugs, new features rooted in money, no gear, and a shield it will take a minimum of 4 months to level up. Get a freaking clue Scopley you are driving away more players than those that will actually bite on this meaningless subscription. Oh and my compensation pull is the normal a 4* Olivia. Thanks for nothing, nothing at all.


4 star Oliver did not even bother to SS

Great job $copely, she is about as useful as a doorstop in a house with no doors!


Pulled a 4* rod

Joe bob for me again