RTS#3 Yellow Alpha with specialist Evasion

I just pulled the newest Fast (yellow) Alpha with evasion as the specialist skill. Her active skill is AP drain. If I understand it right it will drain 85 ap from all enemies and teammates? Why would I want to drain all my teammates too? Is this correct or a glitch?

Yes it’s correct.
Perfect solution: Don’t use it

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Yes it’s correct because otherwise the skill would be broken. They had to give it a downside. The best way to use the active skill is after your team has rushed.


All other teammates. So ideally, use her active after all/most of your teammates have rushed (alphas ap will still be full), then next turn use her ar and two teammates will get full ap. It’s abnormal but can be really good


Good idea. Thanks.

I would just dont level it and stick her somewhere on def, shes not so optimum for atk

Fairly good skill. Idk how this could work but would def try her out if I had her. looks great.

It’s a great skill if you know how to use it properly. You basically have to build your team around her so they all are ready to rush when her active skill is ready. Have them all rush, then use her active skill, then the following turn, have Alpha rush. It’s a complex situational strategy, but by golly is it effective when it works.

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