RTP + Territories


So as I lay here in bed about to fall asleep getting off my final SR energy and pick up the crit territories to start crafting before I pass out, I get this wild idea.

Why doesn’t scopley open up some of these forever locked 5* territories and give us some RTP Badges or even tokens for holding them. Like X per hour and if held at the end of the 24 hour timer a bonus X.

Sounds like a ton of fun to us competive players and to others could be a good reason to purchase Territory cans (wink, wink). Just I thought if @kalishane could pass on to someone. Thanks for readying :slight_smile:


Yeah. Let the top factions with S5++ teams take the territories while the lower factions will still live on a prayer to get enough tokens to get Rick with all their hard efforts put into each tourney and raiding.

I said it here, I said it to my faction mates, and I’ll say it again. Territories is a garbage feature.


I agree territory’s ain’t worth shit, my faction don’t even bother with em. I wish scopely would completely get rid of that shit feature


I do like the idea though. They did it before with the handcuff event. My faction was rank 15 at the time and we ended up holding homemart for the last 15 hours of the event it take good coordination to do something like that especially when alot of factions were attacking us.


Guess they liked the idea :smiley:


Lol yup


Twas a plan all along. But, happy we could make it happen! :slight_smile:


Suuuurrreeee :wink::joy:. Glad it was put in, the amount of tokens is a bit lame but overall has been a ton of fun


Thanks kalishane :blue_heart: tbh it was kinda hard snice my region isn’t acitve that much I hope u guys do consider merging regions. But over all thank you very much little thing like that do help my faction keep on going