RS discourages you from playing

Oof never knew. I had to get caroline in so she can heal my toons. (My pete is 5/10 ar so Imma get him to lvl 6 so he can revive two toons)

You need to play to struggle

Rn Im on silver.

One thing I hated about sr hard. No wonder what. That level with green strongs (The one with earl and toons who were named gerald or some shit) I always died to them. The fact that their 5* with edited stats. And they chew through 5* like paper sucks.
Most of my 6* were dead from autoing (Whenever doing payback. Auto the rounds for zombies but when you get on 2nd were it’s only one left stop the auto so you dont use a ar on negan.) His payback wasn’t that painful on SRV Nightmare. But the struggle bout to begin lmao

I’m starting gold, bad day to schedule such a draining in time/attention event, at least for me, tbh only doing it cause I don’t like to drag my faction so I will always pull my weight, otherwise I’d skip it completely

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Once I get the rewards. Im gonna get magna and beef her up. Get back to stun gun experimentation (Rn got a strong stun melee in the making on a lucille)
Then Imma get my 2nd raulito then either use the 2 other 500 for bullets or cones. (Still dont have a priya yet)

I’m getting butt as rewards, and no it’s not a ■■■■■■■ situation, actually in 4th, 1st and 2nd rn over 7 mill, our score is better than my other wave 3 region’s 1st

I enjoy the difficulty; too bad you have to pay to get there, and the payoff (except fun) is terrible - completion rewards are bad, and score is irrelevant. The only thing you get is some food and wood.

Ben war prize everyone wanted, I believe 3rd place, perhaps 2nd, my faction succeeded in that.
I think Jose was first place reward that war.
The level up was yellow Rick for 2nd and Connie for 1st again. Yellow Mirabelle for 3rd I believe.
My faction missed getting Rick by 200k, we got another Connie. Lol.

Playing it casually, halfway there on Silver. Now it’s starting to feel nightmarish, mostly cause it’s so time consuming. Esp the human stages with trait restrictions. Not an ideal mid week event since it’s a faction one. We are currently #3. I be copping 1k Princess cards after this, is all that matters lol

Im up to gold. Didn’t use any cans. Bbut impossible to finish the whole thing unless u have no job n no life n Dont mind losing sleep or spending a ton of cash

That’s the point. They want your soul. :scream::clown_face:

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