RS discourages you from playing

Again, ridiculous difficult teams on the road of survival.
why do you create such difficult teams with limited traits?
why are they cured after another fight?
, it is a phone game, 2 hours for a game in SR which is lost anyway, no progress.

This isnt a phone game, it is a full time job that we pay for


Nightmare is supposed to be extremely hard


We havent had a nightmare sr in ages. Its one tournament you cant finish.


Every time you say this someone sells their house and pushes to finish it


Lol … i see people selling thier kidneys to satisfy their hunger for finishing this sr

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Im just not bothered I guess lol

I rarely finish solo sr so I can either maintain leagues or drop - I think thats more worrying tbh

It is worrying if you’re in those lower leagues like myself…

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The only thing I find annoying is that the 50 stages ruins the AS doesn’t recharge at the normal rate. Thus making autoing in the beginning a bad choice.


Lol 2 stars toon have 15k atack.

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The rewards are the best so far in sclass era

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The rewards are great, but individual milestones aren’t achievable for most. How is this supposed to motivate people to play? Challenging tournaments are one thing; for Hard SR, you need to be smart with your team setups, mods, and weapon choices and to conserve AS for later, but it’s still possible. For many of the elite and legendary levels in Nightmare, it makes zero difference how you set up your attack team, you’re just massively overpowered from the start with no chance to strategically defeat it. The only way to win is to keep going back in and chipping away at the level, whether that’s by burning through your whole roster or spending to get enough kits to keep bringing back your best attackers. This has just been tedious as fuck and clearly designed to make people whip out their wallets.

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This simply isn’t true, I sold someone else’s house to finish it


I like it, never going to finish it, tbh lucky if I get past gold, not wasting cans unless called upon

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Great idea, sorry neighbor you gotta go lol

Ooooh you dirty capitalist

People are crazy to complain about the first time there’s decent prizes. “It’s not fair that top get even better prizes than everyone else.” Of course they do!

Granted, I will say that that 1 faction level up in 5* days where 2nd place had the best toon (crazy to think about that a great toon was a prize! ) and how close the finish was from 1st-3rd as everyone wanted 2nd and no one wanted 3rd


It’s not really hard.
I got pete,kapoor,christa (dead), angel

Haven’t struggled

Big ass downside? Once your 6* stars use up your active skills? They dont reset meaning my pete cant use recover maim and heal cause he’s out of it. (Idk if that was already added in srv or I didn’t notice)

Yes that’s how sr always is with active skill

Ahh the Ben level up lol , that was awesome.
The current sandbagging in leagues for coins reminds me of that constantly