Roxie was supposed to be f2p i thought

sitting t2 6* and ive got all the flags you can get and am scratching my head. what good is a toon you can only take to t2? wish they had been more clear about that from the start. dumb game

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There will be other ways to earn blue flags.


when? when the next set of world stages comes out? why is everything such a let down with this game. be up front about what youre selling ffs (not u ladygeek lol)

buy != earn


I think we saw a Korean player with a full tiered Roxie…is that possible or a cheater hacker?

jpeg-13 everyone has a price


you can get more flags by transfering and completing the stash again


for real? cuz im feeling cucked by scopely big time rn

stashes reset in transfer


Can you tell me then how some players have a maxed out Roxie way before Blitz war. I have reported it, but you let them continue to war. I hope you through the hammer down on this cheating person and their faction.

Read above…its possible.

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Roxie = Garbage
Why bother with her.

I have her at t3 and almost have the flags for t4…stash resets on server xfer :wink:

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