Roulette Michonne

just wondering, the chance of getting Michon 0.2%. there are a lot of players on the forum, each had about 10 attempts. Has anyone already got Michonne? :slight_smile:

Not an employee, but 10$ later

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Wrong bucket op, that michonne was never there, for YOU ,you aren’t alone though, most of us will get three carded

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Factionmate got her from his second pull

I have 6 attempts. Im gonna get another 20 and waste em all on coins. I usually use 10 for pull and 10 for roadmap. I want that zeke and Michonne.

How many am I suppose to open every day to get zeke?

(Basically so I can hit 30 openings)

I made a 10 pull but didn’t get her. Probably I am not in their bucket

15 Pulls and the Best so far was a choice Box (The Lesser One of course)

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