Rotting Heads Future

Do we know if they will have a future use?

They will just rot in your inventory


Kapoor is aweful I haven’t been doing the heads because the war wheel is better value

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I have him at Tier 4 but still have 71 boxes to open with rotting heads in.

I don’t see the point in the war wheel as it’s S Class that we need (unless they add the likes of Zach, Cameroon Scarr or Doc)

Will they be launching another S Class that needs rotting heads?


he is useful for arena, if you know what i mean

Insert Plushies for evidence of reuse.Screenshot_2019-11-30-00-56-08-1


Just let them rot forever


If you have a Daze resist (I don’t) then Raven should still excellent. But aside from (a second one of) her, then I’d say Doc, Scarr, and Elle are the only ones I would want in a future wheel personally. Maybe Zach, Dale or Mia for a secondary toon on it. But yeah, everyone else can’t stand up to Sclass imo, especially on def. Maybe Diego or Alice on attack.

Having said that, in 2 or 3 months time… Even any of them probably wouldn’t be able to hold a torch to Sclass.

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I’d say survival road he is useful… arena not so much.

No gold bars are the only thing confirmed to be used again

… until that turns out to be a lie also

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Probably useful for newer regions. :thinking:

Heard that it has now been confirmed that there won’t be another S Class available from Rotting Heads.

Can you confirm Scopley?

Read the same… I hope u chose wisely war tokens iso rotten heads! TY scope! U’re @ ur best, as usual

I asked JB this same question 2 months ago and he confirmed gold bars would be future use but he had no information on rotting heads being of future use.

Just save up the crates in inventory until the wheel has someone you would like to pull for.


That’s what I did, geez Scopely

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Didn’t know the heads was supposed to be reused. Glad I didn’t save any up.

It’s confirmed that rotten heads will not be used anymore.

This is what the forum wants, straight anwsers, now we know, why they can’t just do this here I don’t know

The Rotting Heads should continue in War events as rewards for the length of current S-Class Museum collections. Especially as many newer and free to play players are currently more invested in Kapoor than War wheel tokens. I know lot’s of people don’t like him as a character but he works exceptionally well in free to play and occasional spenders teams. Removing Rotting Heads too early would be robbing many players the opportunity to max out Kapoor.

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