Roster Space Should Be for everyone


Just a suggestion, instead of giving 100 bonus roster spaces to the survival club members, why don’t they give it to everyone? Sure they released more space through level up, but it isn’t enough with more 6*s coming.

They haven’t shown any intent on releasing roster space to any rewards or shop so it’s fairly annoying that they finally are listening to requests, but in the wrong way.

Add +10 spaces to the league store and set the cap at 1,000 space.


Because they just want your money.


If they dont increase roster space at least give us all trainer rewards in bags and crates :smirk:


Well if they gave it to everyone then what sense would it be to charge 25 bucks for


Yes I agree roster space should be for everyone this has bin a needed change for a while and what they are asking for th few additional spaces is rediculious


I currently have 739 characters and haven’t been able to claim recruits or compete in level up tournies in over a year…this extra 100 does nothing for me anyways


Trainers also need to stack. Sitting with 50 odd Bennies hurts the roster space.


Exactly, they will just continue to put features behind pay walls until it is almost impossible to enjoy the game without paying.


And why do you think they don’t do that…

100% Correct.


Can you name any game which is purely free and is actually good. I am not saying I agree with such features. But what the subscription offers is nothing great apart from the toon


I wish I could. Have been looking for one for some time and while seems to be a few that supposedly do the ftp model better than others, they are not games that intrigue me. Did a search for ftp mobile games and a few came up with decent reviews, but nothing that offers the persistent world I am looking for. Been thinking of giving World of Warships-Blitz a look but honestly, almost anything put out on mobile tends to be a money grab behind some sort of “game”.

Maybe I am just old fashioned and pine for the days where you buy a game once and can play as much as you want. Those days seem to be over, with companies trying to micro transaction people to death.


On a serious note if you do find something I would love to hear about it. Have been doing that myself for a good year … nothing that can keep me hooked more than a week or month


Disney Heroes : Battle Mode is pretty dope.


Last day on earth u can play completely free and it’s super fun


I can think of games that have places to pay but doesn’t give many advantages over free players.


I really like The Elder Scrolls Legends. It’s a card game and the only things in the game you cannot get without paying is alternate art cards and a few card back designs. Nothing that affects game play is behind a pay wall. You can obviously pay to gain cards faster but it’s in no way necessary. Tbh, it’s gotten a little buggy with low end devices since they changed their game client but it’s being fixed.


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