Roster SPACE....Please


I know you Scopley already know about this but…not sure how urgent they have classed it.

I’m struggling to level as I have so little space for toons.

It’s getting really tiresome and only getting worse with tokens, rewards, missions etc…
^ Which are all great things…but need space.

So please…give us some space…please…


They already increased max roster by a couple hundred a while back. How many toons do you actually need?


This. And more Teams. 25 is not enough.


We need that ASAP. I sold/ascended all my 4* and my inbox have 10+ prizes to collect


I’m a collector and this game supports all sorts of players.

I’m collecting one of each 4s, 5s, 6*s…

I should be able to do this…

So like 100 more spaces…


On the one hand I agree that they kinda already handled this.

On the other hand the mechanism is already in place to increase roster size, and roster size increases would make for excellent progress and/or rank rewards in all sorts of events.

Cue one of the posters who points out that all they need to do is make trainers not count as part of roster


Yes, make it so that trainers go into your inventory, and then you either consume them from there, just like gear, or you move them into your roster when you’re ready to use them.


Use your trainers. Fixed.


1 for every unique toon
+50 war party
+100 trainers
+50 duplicates


Just raise the damn cap to 1000 already. Easiest fix. Would require almost zero effort to implement.



I was a collector too then I had to collapse my 4* collection and just keep 3* for scav missions. I’m a ‘5* collector’ now lol


Why would u collect toons? think ur gunna sell em like comic books one day? Lol…


Why not? Maybe others put more effort in winning tournaments, events etc. then you and would like to keep their trophies. if you don’t need more roster space, fine. But then don’t reed those topics or at least don’t comment.


Implement were we can stack same trainers and dupe cards, that would cut back mucho on space.


Or just trim your roster :man_shrugging:
No need to hoard pixels


Same for you: this is not your decision. If you’re not affected, don’t comment.


I do trim my roster daily, no need to “keep” anything… it’s just a game


I have trimmed all 3*, trimmed all 4* (including rares), used most of my 5* Dupes as fodder, trimmed all trainers under Benedict and I am still over my 380 by 32 characters.,…

what next?

sell my 6*.

trade in 5* ascendables?

just raise the roster already


This is maybe your way, me and many other players want to keep everything we’ve earned.
So, if you’re satified the way it is, stop commenting, as long as you’re not affected.
More roster space won’t affect you in your gaming experience in no way, you can trim whatever and how much you like.

So stop commenting bs on this or any other thread about roster size.


I’ve paid and earned for every toon in my roster, I should have plenty of room for every toon they offer plus storage for trainers, the roster cap is insanely low.