Roster Space is killing me

Dear Scopely
By all means continue to release a multitude of toons and sundry but perhaps you need to take some time and consider the basics of the game. Roster size… Why not increase the roster size? Yes I know you have this stupid monthly premium thing over and above all the other premium things you force down our throats but for goodness sakes are you really going to create a pay wall around roster size? Really?
Increase the roster size. The time has come.

Gotta manage your roster space, also the survivors club will give you more roster space :slight_smile:

Thats not really an option for free to play or low spenders. If we depot all those toons and they get made to be a decent 6*, we get left behind.

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I suspect your roster is full of crap. Have a winter fire sale at the depot and you’ll be fine.

As nice as trainers look, it would be better if all trainers be replaced with generic items like books, magazines, manuals, etc.

All these trainers really chew up a huge chunk of available roster slots especially when it comes to benedicts being save up for ascending 5 stars.


Oh my god, will you stop it with the sensible well thought out suggestions? Next thing you know we’ll be told it has been “taken to the team”.


idk if this is certain

It’s not right.

There should be more roster space.
Not fair for the collectors and F2P players.

Roster space behind a monthly pay wall is nasty

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mines not that bad but its like 500/350 or something lol

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