Roster Sorting System

is it possible to implement a better sorting system?

instead of simply changing the order of displaying the toons, maybe just show the ones that players are interested in. ie: display 5* blue hunter … something like that.

yes, i know there are already different sorts, but i still have to scroll through the whole roster.

anyways, just wondering… thanks.


Yes please! It is annoying ro scroll and scroll to find someone. Stack trainers stack dupes


let us look up toons aswell.



A little search bar would be awesome


Just want a search bar in my roster and the tower!

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At the very least add a trainer tab

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That’s genius I didn’t even think about that lol

I like how in mod sorting we have option to see equipped, unequipped, and the various colours.

I wish they would do this. “Assigned to team, not assigned, trainers, ascendables”. Then we can customise exactly what we want to see each time. It would help so much!

Honestly here’s what I think would be best:

  • Character folders
  • Stacking trainers
  • Search bar
  • Ability to toggle whether characters on a team are at the top of the list

a search bar might be a bit much, but i can’t see any reason they wouldn’t be able to add in a filter system unless the roster is part of the legacy code they aren’t able to mess with without breaking things, or would require a ui overhaul

90% of the stuff in this game goes unchanged because the somewhat compotent programmers who made it are gone, it’s why the scavenger missions and the training grounds never have seen updates (editing reward pulls is really easy)

How about an S class filter for the legendary area?

How about auto fill not selecting your most rare toons and actually selecting toons that are relevant and appropriate to the level?

Picking the team should always be you as a players choice.
Auto bring best attackscores and should so be.

that’s exactly what i wanted to say, but i didn’t want to insult scopely so frankly. the way the game is being run, i really doubt their abilities…

Rush/active skill control in every team, in edit option. Turn on (which turn) or complete turn of.
Or at least turn off button in fight.

And speed up manual fight. Its like a slow motion now :snail:

yes i play this more. Also they like copying them too but here hows this? Look up toons pick tags pick era groups tv show eras for toons. Can fav toons

type in half a word

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