Roster question


Would there be some kind of Guide on which 5 stars are actually good,as I have a few on my roster that I’m not sure exactly what to do with, ,and it’s getting rather full. Ideally I’d like to start leveling them up,but I’m somewhat hesitant to level up toons using my 4 stars and below if I have no use for them in a team.


Maybe you could post screenshots of what you have. Why would you use 4* chars to level up 5* chars? Level them up for adcension. There are a few good ascendable chars u can get from 4* ascension (siddiq blue easily my favorite). To level them up, you just use the scavenger mission ‘you got lucky’


Here’s some of what I have,as I’m not sure on how to get a better picture of my entire 5 and 4-star roster at once.



How do you have so many unlevelled 5*? You should be able to hit all those level up milestones at least! 5 stars aren’t really good for much these days, aside from SR, level up points and maybe territories defence.


5 stars are good for just that lol sr rip


I’ve been storing them over a somewhat long period. and I don’t use the "you got lucky"mission for characters I intend to use,as I like to level up the AP as well. if I’m going to ascend them,I’ll use it,but otherwise I just level them up the normal way. ON the ascension front,would there be a list of 6 star characters I should be on the lookout for,or are all 6-stars good?


All 6* are better than 5* (with very few exceptions) so if you don’t have any, I would ascend them as you get them. Once you start getting a few you need to be a bit more picky, as bennys and medals are hard to come by.


That a bunch of good 4*. Why would you get rid of them? Valerie as an example. Also Estella as a Human Shield with a Stun Gun is Really useful.


I’m assuming you mean a week old region lol


For now, you should work on a main, 5* only team. Some of my favourites from amongst your 5s are ‘All out war’ Rick, ‘RTS’ Morgan, ‘Miles behind us’ Hershel, alert Andrea and ‘Whispers into screams’ Rick. Unfortunately, none of them have a leader skill and having a solid leader is very important. Have a quick skim through what you have and see if you can find a leader that covers the traits of your most useful characters. I would start working on those now. If you get lucky and pull a Mirabelle/ Carl soon, you can focus on ranged/ melee and take it from there.

Don’t use anything above a 2* toon for levelling a character. 3 stars are obsolete tbh and should be sold asap unless you like collecting. When it comes to 4s, sell any extras/ dupes at the depo and keep some for SR tourneys. I still use my 4* kelly for red walker stages. Collecting depo points also gives you the option of purchasing a few well known legendary toons like Tyreese, Glen and the Governor. These characters are awesome.

I wish you the best of luck with your endeavours.

Ps: Alert Andrea actually has a great leader skill.


No :expressionless:.

Gregory doesn’t count.


Red andrea for her leaderskill. Should have a revive of course so green hershel and blue and plus execution is good. Green morgan for his command and has a nice rush.


Red andrea for her leaderskill. Should have a revive of course so green hershel and blue and plus execution is good. Green morgan for his command and has a nice rush. Rest just save till they become ascendable after I die from old age.


If you use those in a old region for anything besides ascension and sr then idk what ya doing


Allen is in my Main Raid Team as an Example :stuck_out_tongue:


Uhh how old is your region…



I’m mainly playing in Winston. So, old but not that old.


Hence I only have 29 toons lol