Roster - idea for new look

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. How do you like the current roster? I would like to have the opportunity to create and name folders and place characters there. Folders like: trainers/ maxed 5*/ 5* for lvl ect ect
Now when all toons are in one place its little messy :confused:
Scopely can you do this if more people would like this? Maybe even in next update?


Good idea.Not gonna happen in 2019.Mayby in 2023…

Id like different folders for my rooster :rooster: a trainer rooster, a 6* rooster and then the normal rooster, imo would help organize it a lot more but the cap they have on rooster space is a selling point i guess, see updated survivors club with the increase in rooster space. Would be nice for them to let some of the penny pinching go tho and a folder for trainers at the very least imo would help alot but id also like one for 6*

Did i say rooster? :rooster: sorry i meant roaster :fire: …roasted rooster? :rofl:

They definitely need to have a better filter on our roster. We should be able to search tough 6* that heal or have lead skill. The whole game wasnt made to last this long and it’s very outdated.


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