Roster help or ideas


Who would y’all run for def / atk. Open to all ideas just having fun. Gotta separate pics new guys can only post 1 at a time





Garrett Jesus magna ty Hunter
Btw everyone’s gonna call this a total brag thread gl


Def1: garrett, tyreese, magna, jesus, marlon

Def2: erika, magna, erika, garrett, jesus

Att1: garrett, jesus, marlon, tyreese, shiva

Att2: wandy, erika, garrett, lee, Hershel

Att3: green abe, jesus, bruce, marlon, shiva

Work on: red zeke, hershel, red madison, bruce


I say, just play. Play with your roster and experiment what works well with your play style. Talk to one of your faction mates and ask them to attack different defense teams you put up, then attack him with some attack team you made. Gather results and see what works the best in your eyes.