Roster & General Leveling Issues: An overall community-based problem!

Can we the players get an update on what plans are being made with 5*s so we know if they are just wasting roster space or not?

People with overloaded rosters and locked training grounds really would appreciate any kinda communication on this issue.

I am personally trying to clean my roster but I can’t level anything because I have no gear. (No gear problem)

Then people say well ascended toons. Can’t do that because no medals. (No gear problem)

Can waste resources leveling 5* which you have proven you have no intent of making useful 5*s and S class takes a level of food that’s unheard of and it takes ages to creep thru levels now, so you better keep everything you have if its not leveling the higher tier toons, but again no gear. (No Fodder/trainers problem)

Now not everyone has the same issue some have 1 outta 3, some have all 3…and its not certain gear it’s ALL high level gear, it’s not just orange medals it’s also silver for some.

I don’t know if it’s incompetence or complete lack of understanding your game but it’s almost to the point people can’t even play.
**No the league store isn’t a viable option anymore, it takes 5x the gear at all stages to level S class, so unless you x5 the amount of tokens the use the league store comment is for the birds.

All jokes aside…this is making for the all time miserable gaming experience, even beyond all your bugs and other issues that have never been fixed or taken care of. People can’t use the stuff they are paying for or grinding hard for which makes the point of paying or grinding hard to get what you need completely pointless.


I concur. Leveling up S class is worse then a root canal and a slow process. This seriously needs to be addressed. And I’d love to know on the 5* cause I been saving them scared to death if I use one it’ll revert to aacendables.

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Medal shortage is just obnoxious.

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Well these problems will get worked on soon Gov is on the case and has a track record already for getting things done ie: new War win bonus


Glad gov said something, now something will be done since gov is scopelys boss :rofl:


I have a nice use of every 5* for leveling 6* toons and S Class or selling them to depot and buying new ascendables for collection and cans. I think we should have more useful things to buy on supply depot and sell useless 5* toons.

Soon tho it will get to the point that thiers no need for 5* as the legacy toons wont be much good anyways and s class will take over completely. Unless they make a 6* arena or something, 6* will be put aside like 5* were

I don’t think they’ll make a lot more ascendable, what’s the point? I’ll be cleaning out my roster over the coming weeks - keeping all copies that may still be relevant for 5* Arena (say all Victors), and one of each of the others simply to have them. Other ones get used as ascension fodder once all levelup points are squeezed out of them.

That said, I don’t quite get the gear issue - for 5* it’s farmable and in the gear depot, for 6* and S-class its a bit more sparse, but at the rate they are handing out collectibles you have months to level it and start stocking up. If you were done with them immediately, absolutely nothing meaningful would happen to your roster for ages.

gear is the biggest issue in the game right now which I agree makes it un enjoyable I currently have 2 Arrav, 2 guo, 2 priya that’s I cant even max as 6* to make them sclass and when I can it will take months to get them levelled and upgraded to ne useful. and I cant get more league tokens from level up events as I dont want to waste any dear levelling toons up I dont need just to get more tokens it’s extremely frustrating

I mean an admittedly not very helpful suggestion would be to stop spending until you have the requisite gear.

Scopes would probably do something when the whales stop buying every toon despite not being able to level them.



I dont spend anymore I farm the shit out of tapjoy offers, last weekend I got 70k until the tapjoy wall magically disappeared

Yes, Gov nailed it.

  1. Need more frequent and new ways to earn gear
  2. Trainers need to be stackable!! That will fix roster limits and allow people to save

Completely agree @Gov

The issue is we are playing at the Sclass level now in a 5 star economy. Aside from the league store, there has been barely any upgrade on the economy since the 5 star days. Same world maps, same road maps. Yet we are now 2 tiers above that. They never upgraded it to a 6 star economy despite having years to do so.

It gets even worse when you consider training grounds. In the 4 star days, we were using these to create 2 stars to level up our 4 stars. We are still making these 2 stars to level up Sclass now, 3 tiers above. It is utterly ridiculous!


I don’t have gear or medal issues but I completely agree about the game economy. The basic and helper token wheel upgrades were a needed change but imho they did not go far enough. The problem is that several aspects of the game need such an update and overhaul, it would require too much work. Considering the game still crashes in territories, I’d be afraid to see what would happen if the game economy was changed enough to actually make sense with the current gameplay.

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Tapjoy has been really generous lately with all the 2x! Be careful though. You will get accused of spending by some lol


First off would be a 500k scav mission instead of the 100k one


I think the problem becomes when players get two of the same color S class. To get the gear back to level the same color toon is absolutely insane.

Not only that, but when you use the veteran rings, it takes away all the watches, radios, gps and canteens.

The gear issue is a problem. For example, I recently got six star priya. My blue gear is gone. So now I just bought Zander from league store, and got macenzie… both still useful and I can’t level them. Ill have to wait to refresh the depot. And if I use the gear on them, then I’m not stocking up for the next potential blue S class… something needs to change.


Or you level more than a single toon every few months

I think you’re missing the point. They understand their game perfectly. S class is for spenders. That’s what the s stands for.

They cunningly distract you from this by the amount of effort to grind to get the toons in the first place.

I think it would be awesome if they provided more 5* events and, dare I say it, 6* only events to break the monotony of the same 3 or 4 s class over and over again, and they would probably make money, but that’s not going to happen any time soon.

It’s a shame. I’m happy enough pootling along 6* and make a conscious effort not to upgrade to s class but it’s not the way this game works. There really should be more to cater to all levels, not just the latest meta.

The most simple way to remedy these issues would be to have 2 new weekly or monthly roadmaps that could be farmed similar to ultra and elite gear maps as far as the sclass leveling is concerned they either need to lower the xp needed or create 2 new trainers for example a 6* trainer that gives 24k xp and an sclass trainer that gives 48k xp and make them available through event rewards, various depots and elite tokens while I understand the concept they are more difficult to obtain and level the current standard is purely p2p and created a further divide among players

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