Roster Capacity

How about a “roster capacity exceed event”.

A day during which people can claim trainees over the capacity of their roster. One day wont make you poorer and its a dead part of the game for many ppl with over 1k trainers…

Or stack trainers… your choice scopely. Does #PU still exist?


Why you just don’t use the trainers?? The level up event exists for a reason. The trainers exists to evolve your toons not to stack lmao

all the 27 usefull 6☆ i have are t4. all the trash ones are t3 and t2.

level ups arent fun for me, so will you let me play the way i like?

How do you think most people win level up events? By stacking and hoarding toons and trainers for a while and then going nuts.

Odd statement to expect people to use trainers as they come really.

Stacking trainers or allowing us to receive them in bags makes most sense realistically.


I level up trash toons every level up. I think most do. It’s how you get dem stones

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of course. unless you dont find pleasure in constant leveling up trash toons. then you dont do it, just like me.

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