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I’ve been trying to get Rosita “Road to Survival” #2 for my roster as that revive and the 500% damage along with her other abilities would be very handy. Is the Premier Recruits the only way to acquire her,or are there other options,as I can’t afford to pay for Premier Recruit draws,as 8,200 coins for the 40 draw is expensive?


Nope. Wallet at the ready.


No, you shouldn’t you blow $100 on an outdated character who is as irrelevant as any other 5★ in the 6★ era.

Also, bear in mind, doing a big pull aiming for a specific 5★ is a massive shot in the dark. 40 pull gives just 5% chance of getting any 5★. And how many are there available? If you say 50 (I think it’s more) then that 5% would be a 0.1% chance for Rosita. 1 in 1000. 40 pull still seeming logical?

Ironically, you’d be more likely to pull the premier 6★…


She’s in the prestige wheel as well, got her there a couple of months ago and she still shows up on the wheel.


No, 5% chance:

Where did you get 95% from?


Ahhh wait, you mean that the chance of getting at least one 5★ from the 40 is 95% because 1 - 0.93^(40) is 0.945? In which case I agree.

In that case, assuming my estimate that there are 50 5★ available, the chance of getting Rotisa from a single pull is 0.001 or 0.1% so the chance of not getting her is 1 - 0.001 = 0.999.

So the chance of getting at least one Rosita (assuming the premier wheel has only 50 possible 5★ which are equally weighted) from a 40 pull is therefore 1 - (0.999)^(40) = 3.52%.

Better than expected, but still doesn’t change the fact you are making 40 lots of 1 in 1000 shots in the dark for an…


@Petoq this is a set of lists of characters available from various sources. Most likely, you will see her in prestige. I doubt she will be in any of the others, but it’s up to you to look.

Wheel / Character Pool Updates


I got her from a single pull the other day under premier.


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