Rosita crate (15 char)


Finally got us the crate


yea but she is useless since were in the six star era anyway. Edit: actually nvm she has a use, Ascendance Fodder


Wait so they tell us older players that we weren’t eligible so we didn’t spend and now they are honoring the deal to those who spent. You guys mess everything up. It’s unbeliavable.


I got it, love the 10 refills of world and raid. That’s about all that’s useful


This shit isn’t cutting it scopley not when people got 3 aneversary pulls for free and and majority of us got the other wheel and some people got this with their 99cent offer


Yah she sucks, but that not the point


They should give propper compensation equal to or greater than what other got this is only the fair way of doing things it was there mistakes I’m tired of being short changed


Got mine finally. And it doesn’t matter if it’s useless. It was the principle.


I collected it and nothing was added to my account so make sure urs was


They better not gave her to everyone


Did you go to your inventory and open the crate??


I got the box for no reason


I mean, jb did say they were trying to get this taken care of…


Fake af.


I spent during this promotion and i didnt get anything


Same. Of course


You have to go to your inventory and open the crate


I have no crates


Thanks Smh


I didn’t get that crate in Marion or Newberry