Rookie Mistakes you made

Claiming a five star version of s-class when you had enough cards for the s class version and two maxed six stars.

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  • Picking James on the first gold brick crate just because I had no 5 star greens. Basically I only payed attention to traits and not any other detail

  • Using my 5 stars to level up my other characters instead of saving them for ascendance

  • Opening the gear choice boxes right away instead of saving them. And to make things worse, I often picked random. This was months ago though

And of course

  • Playing the game
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With some “godly” power this thread is still alive lmao

Well, mistakes make us human… And owning up to your mistakes makes you learn from them better.

I’m just surprised it’s only 40 replies so far. Either ppl are ashamed of their own, or have forgotten them. Or haven’t been browsing the trending topics :slight_smile:

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Spending all my coins from coin-gate crafting weapons

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Installing twd rts

Do 100 pull for Trader .

Downloading the game in the first place

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