Rookie Mistakes you made

What the tile says…

Il start

I dint research Ap when defending on yellows untill yesterday


Same here

  • Using Bennies to as ascendance fodder
  • Doing to many Gold mission at Scav Camp
  • Claiming Ygl in between Level up tourneys
  • The amount of times I have lost Christa etc. on Survival Road Bronze Maps, because I hit a reflect damage, and didnt have a revirer with me (or hit he reflect toon last)
    -Buying Horde Cans from the league store

I am sure missing a few - but this is all I care to admit too…


Giving money to scopely

  • using Benes to as ascendable
  • doing to many Gold Missions at scav. camp
  • using Lao Po 5 Star ascendable for lvl up points
  • using Priya 5 Star ascendable for ascending second Raulito :angry::sleepy:
  • claim YGL between lvl up tuniers
  • reset Raulitos fixed Weapon to origin and then upgrade it to 5 Star without using any upgrades…
  • selling my first perfect alert Stun 430er Weapon at Depot

And may a handful other things when i was stoned that i not remember yet anymor :sweat_smile:

selling stun gun while half asleep
redeems ygl before tourney
hitting ajax in suvivoral road and getting reflected
bring tower team to war


Lol i also research that just 2 days ago :rofl:

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Not checking the right team is selected before starting a high cost/collectable cost roadmap. Same in raids.


Iv done most of those things honestly lmao

Downloaded this game obv

  • Getting killed on SR from reflect ~bazillion times
  • selecting the wrong team (or faction support) for a map / raid ~200x
  • putting lots of effort into a tourney (or event) then falling asleep a couple hours before event end to complete at 95% progress ~100x
  • Trying to craft green AP down on defense, but using supporter3 instead of raider3… ~80x
  • tapping on the training grounds, claiming toons to fill my roster outside of lvl up (or when having no XP bonus) ~50x
  • running full queue on all 4 training grounds with a timer less than 10 hours and ending up finished when coming back to the game ~30x
  • wasting Bennies for ascendance ~20-30x
  • using “one too many” special trainers on a toon ~20x
  • buying some idiotic offers (with coins) that granted no actual progress ~15x-20x
  • using Lilliths or Ulysseses (and in some cases vital gear) on useless 6* like Jeremiah, Zhu, red Jesus… and the 6* versions of Sclass that I don’t plan using before actually obtaining the Sclass ~15 toons
  • claiming YGL / B&M prematurely (literally minutes before level up start) <10x
  • putting a (close to) maxed toon in YGL thinking I will upgrade him before claiming, but ended up wasting the XP ~10x
  • thinking I can read, but misinterpreting a toon’s skill/rush/weapon conditions (Lance’s maim resist and Payback triggering on rushes only are even made public here) <10x
  • doing all gold scav missions to cheat myself out of the YGL chain
  • Claiming 3rd 5* Aarav instead of the 6* version (had to use 2k more choiceboxes cards)

Well, I hope I learned from those, but am afraid I will increase the counters on some of them still and find some more (besides those I’ve successfuly erased from memory already)…


Claimed a third ascendable Mercer instead of getting the s class lol


He’s kinda a decent 5 star tho

Well, my Aarav actually is. Comes to great aid in old school arena…

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Lets see

Using veteran rings on 6 stars
Hoarding collectibles and not using them
Not reading on collectibles and wasting them on the wrong prizes
Turning weapons atrached to 6 stars to 5 star weapons

everyone else hit the other points


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5 star Davie gonna be the bomb

Uhh, hitting war camps with tower clear team… usually a few times per war. Getting better though


Ahhh yes, there is nothing quite like entering a war battle and seeing that they have a Pete, Princess, Priya, Mercer, team and looking over at my Blue Kenny and his crit weapon equipped trainer mates, that wonderful sinking feeling…


I downloaded the app for the first time …