Romanovs weapon

So wasn’t going to bother pulling for Romanov but hey… im an addict. What’s everyone doing with his weapon?

I see it going in the following ways

  • 35 def, huge attacking ap, taunt
  • 40 attack, huge attacking ap, taunt.
  • 35 def, huge ap when taking damage, taunt
  • 40 attack, huge ap when taking damage, taunt
  • 35 def, huge attacking ap, absolute defence
  • 40 attack, huge attacking ap, absolute defence
  • 35 def, huge ap when taking damage, ab def
  • 40 attack, huge ap when taking damage, ab def

What way will you all go?

Don’t have him but this is what I’d target.

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This would be another possibility. Though the taking damage ap gain is hard to gauge.

Absolute defense would be totally useless for this type of character.

But I’ll see better 40 Atk, Huge Pa Gain by attacking and Taunt or 35 Atk 30 Def and Taunt.


I thought defending ap may charge his rush when taunting and charging up that beastly Berserker… also thought 2k damage was enough… and it might keep him alive longer to swap the attack stat for defence…

Doubt your need attack on the weapon with Berserker boosts like this!!


And would an ab def block charge or not charge the Berserker?? I’m guessing not.

It won’t charge your ap wasting berserker
Taking dmg ap is random bit you get more tl the damge you take
Hp him up insted
You could also do duel ap

I didn’t get him but if I had him I would go 35def/35hp and huge att with taunt.

I was about to ask the Same question yesterday, but I figured it out on my own, I will go with the 35% defense instead of the 40% attack.

I think huge bonus to ap when taking damage can be a very good option as well.

Romanov in defence won’t work well. You can make a parallel with Shiva.
At first Shiva was a beast on defence, because we had so few hard hitting reds. Now she’s a liability on defense, because you can easily dispose of her turn 1, event with 35 defense and behind a Carl lead.
Romanov follows the same path. His defensive stats are very similar to Barker. He’s a very good attacking character, but on defense he’s below average. I would even go a step further to say he’s bad if not very bad at defence.
I would advise to go for +40% attack, huge ap when attacking and leave the taunt.
Giving him defence over attack will only reduce his offensive output, which is his calling card. You don’t want him to hit hard just against blues. You want him to hit hard against everyone.
So, stripping the attacking bonus from an attacking character is a little bit incoherent.

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