Romanov, Which one is correct?






Are you referring to the stats? If you are, the difference is because Pic 1 is T4L1 and Pic 2 is T4L90.


Oof. How embarrassing.

And now embarrassing for me. What the hell is this about?


Why does the top one have 2k hp though?


The attack and defence have been swapped around


no it’s not…if you look carefully it’s the same numbers just jumbled around


The 2nd picture is the correct maxed stats. So defensively he’s trash tbh. Shame. I thought he was ok. But now attack he’s going to be OP AF.


Oh wow. Y’all are right. I didn’t even realize that. My bad.

Not sure on the stats then. But Pic 2 is the same as in-game dossier viewed from the monument.


The stats are swapped around just like Michonne was. Maybe a glitch.
But the 2k attack is the correct one.


Yeah i would of thought that just wanted to check


So his def goes down when leveled. Good job sherlock. :+1:


Lmao this is hilarious


Didn’t have to be condescending dude.

I already said I didn’t realize that.


This one is right. The one from Ascendance Tower


Weapon locked… no thx


Good weapon though.


Until 5* weps come out


I suspect thats what these are building up to.