Romanov’s weapon upgrades


So just ascended Romanov and was wondering what everyone was doing with his weapon? Obviously taunt is staying, so 40atk and either def or atk ap bonus. I was thinking of trying def ap since when he taunts 3, it’ll net him a lot of ap bc he has low def. Any input from someone who has and uses him is appreciated.


I legit just ascended mine, lol. I think it’s straight forward what to do with his weapon:

40 attack
Huge bonus to ap when attacking
Taunt when attacking


My approach was to keep weapon pure attack, and then use mods to boost defense / hp for the reasons you stated. He benefits most by being attacked, so he has to stay alive to hit the hardest.


I’ll be swapping mods around to be more defense based. Just have to get around to looking at my options


I use two 8% weapons , he’s ready by turn 3 every time. It’s not guaranteed turn 1 he will be attacked , so I’d rather have the boost from my attack turn 1 count towards his ar.



Well it seems like that’s what everyone who has commented on this post is doing. So, must not be any sane people here


but if he is attacked on turn 1, due to his weapon proc, he’ll be ready to use his AR on turn 2


I use him behind a shield so in combination with others that taunt as well. Even though he doesn’t get the benefit of the defending attack bonuses it greatly helps control the enemy team when his weapon triggers and is taunting with others as well.


Totally hear you and not saying its a bad approach. But my approach is a bit different. I wait for my support toon to get ar going, usually Victor, and he gives -50% def to all adjacent. so once that pops, I use rom att and easily wipe out two, rick is usually ready to take out another, and then Zeke or javier finishes. When it works, it is a turn 3 team easily. but sometimes, it doesn’t and i die in a blaze of glory.


I kind of said that backwards, ha. Javier is the guy I wait for, so he can also boost rom by his AR, victor being a 5* is usually ready by turn 2, and his -50 def last a few turns. its a nice set up. Rick lead, Zeke, Rom, Victor and Javier. Quick attack.


Why on earth would you use Viktor? He’s basically made of wet cardboard and spit.


for the exact reason i posted above. Give him some def mods, and Zeke guardian shield keeps him alive.

The image here shows the team i outlined in a friendly duel against two revivers.


I also did AP on attack and +attack, same as everyone else.

I didn’t use AP on def because that is a passive mod, in that you’re hoping for someone to attack you. I prefer to be in control of when his AP increases.


Same reason some people use Kate. Buffs.

If it works, it works…


Attitude aside - can anyone comment in details on AP on attack vs on taking damage for this toon? I do understand reasoning, he should be gaining more on dmg, but how much more? Would love to see some solid arguments here. Thanks!


I don’t have Romanov but got huge on def for princess and it just isn’t very effective. Now she has indomitable but still just disappointing. I’d go with ap on attack way more reliable.


@Wanderer help please on AP on damage taken for Berserkers? Kind thanks!


Btw. similar thread here:

I don’t see a conclusion saying it’s 100% bad or good to do AP on X or Y.


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