Romanov is utter garbage, please for the love of god fix him

Okay, let’s break this turd down, shall we?
First, Adrenaline Rush.
500% damage to one. Okay, that’s fine, but ONLY impair for 2 turns? To one enemy? This is a joke, this is unacceptable.
Active Skill is also a joke, only 400 burn damage for 3 turns to 1 won’t do much of anything, this is awful. AP gain isn’t too good either
Decapitate is the only good thing about this toon, but that attack stat is a joke, Donnie has 2.2k attack damage and his AR only does 100% less, but his AR hit two and did so much more.

This character is utter trash, this isn’t remotely a good way to show you’re changing


Actually how the fuck does a flamethrower give you decap. What the force of the flame can decap a limb? They never got into detail. Idk if flame can decap you. Maybe by burning your head but not by taking the ■■■■■■■ thing off.


Well if someone’s head is burned enough it might as well be cut off.
But regardless, this character is terrible, gen 1 toons are much, much better than him! (Sandy, Chris, etc.)

That I can agree on. Maybe enough flame can burn their head to where it’s a decap.

His 5* version is better. Wish they could have kept it and increased his stats.


Ask for legacies then when they release or leak them people shit on them. Not saying hes good btw.


This toon deserves hate, I’m shocked I haven’t seen more taking issue with him.
He’s an absolute joke.


You actually expected them to release something useful?

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I figured they’d release something at least usable after the #PlayersUnited hashtag…


No they will continue as usual and ignore PU. It won’t take long and the player base will drift away from the movement


Pathways Governor has a significantly better AR. And he was the easy one.


Facts @CLIFTON87

Agreed. Make it 700% damage and to a line of enemies, at least.


How about instead of worrying about future toons you worry about warring


I’m on my laptop currently, my phone is dead. So I cannot war.

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Multi hit toons are bad in the current meta. I love his weapon. Hate the AS skill unfortunately.


I think they missed the mark with that rush. Glad to see he’s keeping Decap but this toon could be much better. Do we know what his weapon does yet?

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-35 defense. Will help out the decap. Not every toon needs stun. I like the weapon.

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I started using Decap Chris recently and honestly he’s much better than what this Romanov offers

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Yes a debuff stat on a toon is always welcome (even if it’s just on his weapon).