Romanov is he useless?

Excuse me, but am I the only one who think that 5☆ Romanov which used to be a beast once is now totally garbage as a 6☆ ? I think he is as good as the very firt 6☆ yellow barker, the oldest generation od 6☆ , imo this Romanov stands no chance fighting with the new or even the common toons. Your opinions? I want everyone’s opinion! :slight_smile:


umm… you need my opinion about Romanov? then you should say sorry to the word ‘useless’ first. Romanov is the toon way beyond the word ‘Useless.’ like Trash, Dogshit is better than Romanov


I don’t get it. Some people are saying that he’s useful in the current meta of payback toons. Hmmm…

Ftp have no chance at beating such teams, Romanov or no Romanov. So no change in gap. I can beat payback/bide teams but takes me 15-20turns and if Im camp A will be dead after 1 attack.

Ftp vs Ftp. Bleed team is far superior than burn since bleed stacks and burn doesnt. Id rather use 2 Shiva than 1 Shiva + 1 Romanov. For these teams (with no payback toons) red decap Sandy is far more superior than Romanov.

So don’t know who Romanov will help? Maybe the ftp who dont have decap Sandy, to close the gap between rest of ftp? But those are probably in the minority. Legacies need to help mid level players to close the gap to the top rather then low level to mid level.


He’s a red decap, decaps will always be useful. It really depends on the setup you have for him.


Agree. But Sandy is superior for ftp against other ftp teams. She hits harder and if she double attacks can kill 2 without any buff ir debuff by others. I doubt that Romonav will kill one

Last I checked she wasn’t f2p (considering you mean decap Sandy). Unless you mean that one event that most people didn’t get her from.

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She was a choice and people got her. She was available when everyone had a timeout team. She was relevant than.


She was a choice if you were able to grind hard enough to get her, which many weren’t able to.

And those people who grinded to get her are suffering the most from the widening gap.

The people who didn’t get her or the people who did get her? I don’t really understand your statement there.

The people who got her.

People are willing to grind (skull token…) if rewards are good. They probably are stuck and cant progress. Those who didnt get Sandy will probably find a use for Romanov, but they are probably less active (or maybe at a lower level) than those who did. So Romanov helps to close the gap at the lower end of the players rather than at the top.

I completely agree. That’s likely what they intended.

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Sorry but I call BS on that. If they wanted to help f2p players at the lower end to close the gap, why not put Sandy in a new event ? She isn’t worst than Romanov even in the new meta. More damages than Romanov (and potentially two targets if she kills with the first hit), pain split to help her survive and an atk boost as support for her and another toon. So all in all a stronger package than Romanov. And clearly a better weapon. So if Scopely really wanted to help lower players they could have made her an event reward or an f2p museum collection. Instead they wasted a perfectly good toon that most of us can’t use while he got him years ago.

Some players put money on him. As on every other potential legacy. Some got them on wheels and kept them carefully. And now more and more of these toons can be used as fodder because we know they’ll never be useful anymore. And why ? Because creating a Sandy event wouldn’t make them any money. But Romanov… They can count on lower players who need a decap to try and get him, taking offers or crates if needed while the faithful players who got him years ago can suck it.
It’s also a noticeable trend in the new premiers. Some of them clearly have abilities similar to 5* toons. But instead of ascending those existing toons they create new ones to make more money. A great example is Harper. Great kit on Harper. Multiple hits with disarm and stun (+ atk/def down). Now look at Teresa and you basically have a 1.0 version of Harper. Three hits+stun on weapon while they replace her bleed damages and spec. skill. It would have been perfectly coherent to put Harper’s kit on Teresa 6* version. But no. Teresa, yellow Sawyer, Priya were all great 5* and Scopely doesn’t want to give us their 6* counterparts because they would be too powerful for f2p toons.

All that is a commercial strategy, not a closing the gap strategy.

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The only conclusion I can come to is that they wanted to help the lower players that didn’t get Sandy from that event, without actually giving them Sandy.

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Compared to red governor he is garbage yes decap is better than neutralise bur romonov does less damage than red governor and he is on of the first gen 1 six stars not to mention he does 50% less damage and impairs 2 less enemies than the governor. Also his active is garabage but so was the governors

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Sandy is great I use her now, she’s perfect for F2P or a toon with her attributes, nowhere near a Promo toon as it should be, but nevertheless she could improve the F2P experience immensely and Close the gap slightly :man_shrugging:t3:

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I haven’t seen anyone say he’s good in the current Payback meta

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Behind a good lead with good mods and weapon he definitely could be decent against them. Obviously he wouldn’t be the best but he’d still do some decent damage.

When you talk about knew players that’s the ones with Zachary, negan and the latest toons. Most are starting with gen 2 if they do pulls its not of a 2 year old wheel. This version of romanov helps no one don’t fool urself. The gap stays.


Just a few. Saw plenty more

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