Romanov - how do I use him properly?


So I keep reading how awesome he is and everyone’s favorite yellow.
I don’t feel it myself, so I must be doing something wrong…
I get his strengths and weaknesses, in theory at least, but he doesn’t seem all that awesome when I actually use him, so looking for some guidelines on best way to use him in an attack team - I currently use him with Green Abe (lead), 2 Green Shivas and Yellow Shiva, but have quite a few more yellow/green options to play around with if needed

Mods on Romanov

I just throw him in my Andrea team works fine great toon I love his active for these shields


Pair him with Javier and Duane. Use their defence down (and Javier’s buff if you’re lucky) to pretty much insta kill anything


I run him in these:

he needs a tanky lead like carl, garrett , javi or duane, rosita to be op. Green abe he’ll likely die when u use his active. Though green abe can work vs non green stall team



So why DEF mods? It’s not bad idea to work on his weakness, but imo it’s better to add him something that helps his skills. So I would go with either ATT or HP mod sets. And definately Huge bonus to attack on 2nd slot. Reset until you get it.

Reflect damage mod is not good idea imo. Also attack vs blue - it’s his trait to have strong attack against them, so I would choose sth else maybe? Just a suggestion.


Two possibilities below:


mine works great like this. I also use rick as lead so it bumps his attack too


I use him, and can give a more detailed outline later today. But basically one attack setup is all yellow. Rick lead, Zeke (for recover impair), Romanov, Sandy, Javier. I hold 2 8% weapons, and typically have all ready to AR by turn three. Then I start with Javier first, then sandy since she has waste not, then romanov. If anyone is left standing after this, rick and zeke usually take them down. Rom will benefit from sandy and javier’s def down, and also javier’s att boost if it goes to him. He has down 30k damage alone on one hit using this approach.


But 8% weapon works only “at the beginning of each wave”, so in Raids it will give you AP only at the beginning of the fight - once. Correct?


Attack attack attack


What do you mean by 8% weapon? and 2 of them?

Does anyone use his active?


If you are lucky enough to get a crit on Raider 3 for a Yellow weapon you can get an 8% weapon.

At the start of the turn all teammates get 8% AP.

2 of them, you get 16% AP turn one etc for all your toons.

Used to be super popular in the 5 star era where we had so many 45 AR toons


This. But don’t bother with the +8% AP weapons, unless you don’t have Huge AP on your weapons. If you d the maths, you’re just wasting a slot because with huge from Rick and a huge weapon, that’s 40AP a round so they’ll all be ready round 2 regardless.

I’m still levelling Sandy but run the exact set-up with Duane and its beastly. Even against heavy greens (if they don’t rush)


Thats what I did too. Pure attack


I have Romanov just for attacking team and it’s a
With a full yellow team( f2p characters) I am able to beat defenses with magna, shield Jesus ,Lydia yellow tyresse and McKenzie.

Maggie is the one that sometimes needs a change(sandy ,yumiko or Joshua) depending on defensive team


Correct, but since I try to end all my raids and wars in 3-4 turns, using just one round of rushes, it’s all I need from it.


I haven’t done the math, but did tests with friendly duels and it wasn’t as successful for me without the 8% weapons. I don’t have huge ap on most weapons though, so that is the trade off. I agree that if you do have that, then no need for 8%


At the start of the raid / fight or turn? Weapon says “each wave”, to me it’s working only once, at the beginning of raid / fight. So gives you only once 8% + another 8 because you have two weapons. Correct?


I think it was answered elsewhere, but 8% is the special stat raider 3 gives sometimes. Hard to get. It gives everyone in the team a boost of 8% ar before you start attacking. My team starts with 16% since I hold two of them.


Standard AP = 20, Huge Weapon = 10, Huge Leader = 10 so Total per round = 40
So turn 3, anyone with an AR less than 80 AP will be ready, regardless of damage taken.

Your 2x +8% weapons are giving you 12 AP (for a typical 75/76AP character) at the start, so with no AP bonus at all you’d be on 72 after two rounds, needed a small AP gain from damage to tick the rush over.

With very large bonus, you’d still get 38 per round so a 76 AP character could rush regardless of 8% weapons or AP gain from damage.

And of course, if the battle goes longer, with the huge ap weapons you have a whole set of rushes round 6, 9 etc etc