Romanov “flamethrower” leader skill issue

#1 ( i put link here because of 1 picture per post restriction for newbee)

As you see, there is difference in romanov leader skill.
If you think i make mistake, here is youtube link:

for pulling romanov (0:44)
P/S: I just ask many p2w players that are similar to me.
Do itunes/ google play accept this as … request


Before the armory, and when romanov first came out, large boost to ap was +8. The armory added in huge, and large was renamed v large. They both do the same, but romanovs card wasn’t updated with this change for a while.


I road tested Romanov with the old card with large ap boost, and he does indeed add +8 ap


very large leader skill for blue andrea, green michone, many more work as +8


Yes, that’s correct. Before the armory their leader skill was also large ap boost. With armory large was renamed v large. Some of the cards for older players took a while to update, but should all read v large now.