Romanov AR while confused

I was attacking a team with Romanov and confused him while he had maxed AR. His next turn he used his rush. I thought confuse would only use regular attacks. I’ll see if I can capture a video.

Maybe I’m losing my mind. I can’t reproduce it in duels

He was likely focused so the confuse was irrelevant.

Easily overlooked.


No news since. The problem is still there.

Didn’t notice that thread when you made it, but since 6* Yvette is in the team, it’s likely, as Wanderer mentioned, that Focus buff was active when the AR to confuse the enemies was used such that they didn’t get confused. Focus prevents Confuse and Taunt from being applied to a character with the buff active.

I’ve also logged this issue with CS. They asked me for screenshots which I couldn’t possibly produce - I can’t currently take video.
No Yvette in those teams, no clear effects.
Screenshots of the team are in the CS report. If it helps, Jerome replied to my ticket at 22:05 GMT on 26 Jan

Did you make a thread here about it as well? or just post to CS. Without validation of the issue, since we’ve been unable to repro, can’t really progress if this actually is an issue.

Just posted to CS, I thought they could, you know… support the customer?
To be fair I got a human response first time, but when I couldn’t produce screenshots they immediately dropped it. How could I produce screenshots? It has happened 3 times in different settings but always erika. Given the typical battle speed screenshots are impossible and I doubt cvideo would help much

There’s a lot that can be seen from a video. Characters and their skills, order of attacks/ARs used/etc. Videos really help identify repro and cause of issues.

You hit the nail on the head. Re-raided him and saw he had Kate. Thanks for the insight

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