Totally get you there this game is way better than getting laid regularly

If i wanna do that i can just text some people, i meant the issues that come with a relationship arnt worth it imo

You should find a better women for you

This is hilarious.

Looool bruhh…poor dude just asked for a rollback cause got choded all kinda ways and everyone started assuming and judging his relationship with advices loool this is gold :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Oh and Scopely won’t do that I’m pretty sure. You’d know better.

They can look in depth at your account for sure, they will see the activity and if deemed legit then they may be able to revive your toons and subtract sd points earned.

All depends on which bucket you are in.


She sounds like the best girlfriend in the world. Just walk away and give her something really special for getting u out of this train wreck. Infact, give it to her twice :wink:

Pretty eyes !!!

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Thanks :blush:

Depot your girlfriend

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Too , Funnier then needs to be …
maybe , I’m too deep !

I once had a Credit Card linked on an Xbox as it seemed to demand you keep one (I eventually found out that you apparently only needed it to sign in and make the account then you can delete). My 4 year old son was playing “Burnout Paradise City” and I left the room for a moment to and heard a series of beeps.

He had somehow found the store menu and purchased a bunch of stuff. CC has been removed from things like that ever since. LOL

Just wonder if it’s a saving grace type thing. She was tired of him blowing rent, utilities, food money on him gambling in game.


You’ve made my Day. I think this is the equivalent of the dog eating your homework. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Assuming this is a real thing that really happened in real life. The back story is way more interesting than the damp squib of Scopely doing nothing but also laughing (cue credits). Was the argument about how much you played the game and how little you spent time with, paid attention to or appreciated her? Or how much money you spent on the game compared to on her?

Oh my friend. Never mind getting a new girlfriend. You need to work out how to lock your phone and change your pin.

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Research the laws maybe that falls onto propety destruction. Sue her :smiley:

that is a good thought. first youve gotta record her admiting she deleted your roster…

I’m just sad she didn’t post a nook vid on YT…

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