Hi I need To rollback the changes has been made since 09/21/2019 at 3pm, my last charaxter I got was Aris “Rise to Pwer” then some few minutes after that me and my girlfriend had an argument and she sold almost 90% of my roster! Including trainers wich I had struggled just to get most specially are the CANTEENS! and sone other upgrade materials for last tier of legendary characters like holster, hockeymask, weapon tripod, whetstone, etc. Just to add, I lost all the veteran rings as well. I really need your help here since I was planning to get the survivor club and purchased another 30day coins for the second time, then all of the sudden this happened. Please. Please, I really need your help to rollback all the changes, the reason why it took like 2 days before i report this is because I was being hopeless then I just thought of reaching out to you might gice me hope to regain what I have before. Thank you so much if you can help me.



hahaha good luck with that

I would have a dead gf then lol i sure do love the single life as i get to avoid these kinda things as well as other issues

Prob gone for.good

just act cool as if you didnt care and leave the game. rollback wont happen. dont let your ex have a feeling of hurting you with a stupid game.


I let my grandson kill a few waves if walkers. Somehow he found his way to do a 10 pull. All 4 stars. I asked for my coins back. Support told me to be more careful in future. Dont think he will get his stuff back. Get rid of the girlfriend lol


Gender equality

try for a refund
better chance than rollback lolz

Get a better girlfriend


" Your girlfriend" deleted your roster. Yea well good luck trying to get that back. Contact support in game. Try to get in contact with @JB.Scopely or g.r. Also thanks for the laugh, hope you and your “girlfriend” work stuff out.


Somehow I managed a pocket ten pull without it showing me the toons I got and they refused to give me my coins back. I told them they could take back the 10 toons and they wouldn’t

Yeah that’s not going to happen, but nice try.

As we say here in Brazil

GADO D++++++++++++++

I’m pretty sure this entitles you to 1 free night with one of her friends/sisters. Choose wisely.


Ahh this is adorable lol

There’s nothing we can do on the forums. Open a ticket in-game with support and see if they can help. The longer you wait, the less likely they’ll be able to do a rollback without unintended consequences.

You were right to feel hopeless scopely has zero compassion. I butt destroyed a level 20 building which gives me zero advantage. Yeah of course they told me to pound sand and make sure I close game after every play session.

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Open a support case as quick as you can bruh.

If I would be a woman I would definitely get rid of him. If story is true then there was probably a good reason for her to do this. :rofl: