Roll up roll up, black Friday bargains galore


And I was worried that I made a mistake in quitting, all these crazy deals are sucking me back in…



Deals are garbage lol. They’re truly clueless.

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You should see Harvest 4!
I mean…if you didn’t get the Harvest 1,2 and 3 also…your missing out…they get better…

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Who is responsible for these offers?

@Dash @Agrajag @Blake @carol @Hedge @jonmotz @Shawn.Scopely @nim @Spyder @TheWalkerDude
Seriously, of the above mentioned names who thought these were deals that should go live on Black Friday ?

Better yet, who thought they were actually deals?

The entire Scopely crew will have a lot of reading to do Monday morning, boards are lit up and it’s not for praise and appreciation.

What the actual hell is going on?



What if I told you the playbase is responsible for the rewards, and that LiveOps puts the rewards and offers out there because they see that players enjoy buying them.



Guys guys there’s lots of games out there . Don’t be angry just expand !



I have to expand via tap joy.

How else can I afford Thanksgiving IV? :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally needed the 2 Burt’s and incense for 20000 coins. That’s a good deal. It says so right on offer. Must be good.

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