Roll back turkey map?

So I have to ask since I didn’t get to take advantage of it - can you roll back those that benefited from the turkey map error? No? So the competitive advantage only matters sometimes? @JB.Scopely


the advantage only matters when scopes benefits, rest they dont care about lol


Had nothing to do with competetive advantage scopely only cares about money. They were going to lose out big time on the sc glitch

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They might lose out anyways. People may just quit the game dealing with this bs

And just who is going to continue to sub after what just happened?

The smart move would have been to let the mistake stand and come up with a new incentive toon for the sub. We all could really use a Green disarm and decap toon with a 40% att and def leader skill. :smirk:

btw they rolled her back to max t1 as a 5 and still 999 comics, lol

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Sorry this only benefited spenders. /s

:arrow_up: True.

It benefitted scopely because people bought raid fills to be able to open the map

@JB.Scopely can you roll back the accounts that got the mistake aniv pull offers? No you only care this time? What about Victor gate when ppl pulled 20 5* in a 40 pull?

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For sure - we know you have full ability to make changes… You just pick and choose… Well I am choosing to dispute all charges from this game. 2 can play this game. You want to take stuff out of my pocket I will take from yours :joy:

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