Rocket launcher Abe


$9.99 is this worth it?


No… I didnt buy him… Apparently he is good for clearing walkers


Everyones gonna have a tower team now. Battle of the bandwidths!!!


Except f2p


Right before war… This company is such a troll.

They probably sit back at laugh at us as they purposely screw players over.


My Viktor does just as well with Mirabelle, Heath, and Lori and I got him free. Why pay 10 bucks for a 5⭐?


How to set up tower team with rocket abe???
Do you only use one too???
And do you max.his are???
And weapon mods and everything else???
Ty very much


Abe’s rush kills all the walkers on screen, if it does enough damage.

So you basically need to tweak the set-up to avoid anyone else rushing (because that’s just wasting time) but also ensure Abe rushes often enough (so you aren’t overwhelmed) and powerfully enough (so you do actually kill the walkers).


For $10 hell yes. When going for a tower you will lose to anyone else who has him.


So like use Andrea for lead and use Abe and mod his rocket launcher for attack and huge ar on attack???


I don’t have him and I have the fastest team in my region and most crw. That being said, I spent a long time and lots of resources making my team fast. He’s definately a quick fix if your slow at towers. But as someone mentioned, I have a feeling they will be making a change to the towers. Maybe making the zombies stronger.


What team does everyone run with rocket Abe to get towers???


He is worth it as long as the towers continue to have squishy walkers. Be funny and messed up if they changed the stats of walkers to six star levels.


Why would you even write that dude


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