Rocket Abe and towers


When are you just gonna gift every player Rocket Abe or change how towers in war are controlled because right now the game is stacked vs people who DO NOT have Rocket Abe, its not possible to get towers…its no longer about being good or speed its about you breaking another aspect of the game that didnt need messed with.


I used to use abe but win towers now without him. Good toon to use but not required.


Love it.

Thought he said “if you dig” though

Either way, song reminds me of Blacklist


There are faster combinations although admittedly not as consistent.


I beat people every time I go for towers without him… nice to have but not needed for winning


Those who have him are the only ones able to catch towers on my region


I’d recommend putting serious effort into new combinations. I assure you it exists, but no one wants to give up competitive advantage.

I spent an entire war watching how quickly I was able to get out of the tower capture screen.


You don’t need him to win towers.


He helps but I’ve seen faster


Same in mine, these other people im extremely curious to see a PM of who you are magically using to cap towers.




its not about how fast hes ar is hes wep mod…
one cirt blows an area out


Shuuuuush. They might have to think about that statement…


I use mirabelle lead with high damage characters behind her all with high damage weapons and I get them a lot against people with rocket abe. I don’t use any ars it’s faster to just one shot each zombie with regular attack. Also the critical animation seems to slow it down that’s why I go for attack and not critical.


Care to PM me.

Its easier to listen and believe people but yet no one offers any help. Makes me extremely suspect.


I don’t use rocket abe and I win 99% of towers including CRW, at least when my connection doesn’t lag.

A faction mate here is consistently faster than me and he isn’t using him either. He’s good but not the absolute fastest.


Could anyone PM me about this other strategy besides Abe? I will not make it public, will only use for my personal advantage. I am on PT-BR region so you will not fight me


Just figured it out on my own, thanks for the subtle hint’s


If the zombies didn’t come in waves then I could see him being required.


Really? Just use a crit red like Lopez or Carl or Rick and put in some Benedict’s. Auto that and bam, every zombie dead within a minute.