Rockdale [EN] missing off region search


Rockdale is missing from the list of regions when attempting to transfer in. People have attempted to transfer in Rockdale as its on the list but it’s missing when scrolling through all the regions Rockdale isn’t there. It was a closed region and was on the list to be available for transfer Friday which was postponed until after faction events.


Is anyone from @ scopely available to help




Still no response from support! What’s the point in transfers if no one can find your region to join?


Rockdale should now be fixed :slight_smile:


@JB.Scopely Schley is also on the inbound list but it’s not showing as available.


Thanks for the heads up, we’ll be looking into it now @Dadey83.


@JB.Scopely Any update on this? We have people leaving but not coming in. If the official stance is Schley is closed, and everyone needs to move, the players there need to know.


Still nothing. Any update?


Have you checked again now @Dadey83 ?


Thanks @JB.Scopely they are open now.


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