Robs Ascendance Rumors


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@Rob7274 where did you hear this! We are all DYING for more information! Do you have screenshots, proof or any data?


Rumours from a respectful person.

If I was prepared to name names I would have already. :shushing_face::sweat:
I didn’t make a topic due to not been able to provide the info you require.

I do believe it though.
Only way we will know is in 3-4 months time.
Or maybe they finish the list this year and slow down next year with shorter list or same size list but for a year.

I think it’s obvious they don’t like legacy ascendable’s.
They don’t make much money from them and never wanted our previous purchases in 5* era to mean anything.
Wanderer nerf, slow Ascending, more premiers less F2P.

It’s a big issue…a issue that will become much worse.

With release of tokens we are on the way to another power creep to make token toons worth less and have players buy new toons.
Legacy ascendable’s are a thorn in there side now.
As current 6s would be if 7s came out.

Imo…as I can’t prove anything. Sorry :pensive:


Well, its a business strategy from them, for example, if you, a store owner that sells apples for years now suddenly has an idea to sell oranges that is only exclusively yours to sell, would you not do it? Its just the all about the money now, i really dont see a bright future for the game if this continues, they dont want criticism, they dont hear complaints, they dont ask whats the problem, the game is fun, but the gap of P2P vs F2P is far too big. See for example CoC, why do you think people are still playing the game for how many years now and the game is still in the top 10 grossing games in the playstore? JMHO :blush:


What’s Coc?

Legacy Ascendanles could have been such a exciting thing to look forward to every couple of weeks.
Premiers can still be more,powerful.

Just takes hard work and more thinking to keep th4 balance without effecting sales.
Plus if they want to move on to next level in future they should be showing good will with ascendable’s.


Clash Of Clans


Lol you heard them from Albert. Expect another letter soon


Doesn’t need to be a rumour. This is clearly what’s happening. They didn’t even release a telltale toon (Carley) during that event.

Honestly, they have the toons ready to go. I suspect we only saw Andrea due to their huge screw up last week. We have seen their cards a while ago.


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