Robot loot bags question

Would this fall under this?? Thus making them not be able to end you using the robots? Not that i necessarily want to buy robots for that wheel of misfortune but if it could get them fined/closed or grounds for refunds it might be worth it.

Any credits or in-game currencies purchased via in-app purchase may not expire, and you should make sure you have a restore mechanism for any restorable in-app purchases.

Also this pretty much explains scopleys whole buisness model to a tee.

There are many ways to monetize your app on the App Store. If your business model isn’t obvious, make sure to explain in its metadata and App Review notes. If we can’t understand how your app works or your in-app purchases aren’t immediately obvious, it will delay your review and may trigger a rejection. And while pricing is up to you, we won’t distribute apps and in-app purchase items that are clear rip-offs. We’ll reject expensive apps that try to cheat users with irrationally high prices.