Robertson region

@GR.Scopely and @JB.Scopely @LadyGeek This person claims to accidentally transferred into our region Robertson. This Region is just 2 months old we are not even featured on Cross Region war or any of the Transfer lists. Help this person leave our region as he/she has an unfair advantage above all of us. We haven’t even maxed out our buildings and this person has perfect weapons characters and mods. This person as also resorted to attacking any territories and or players from leading faction as we have reported him/her to Scopely on many occasions and nothing is done.

Please report this directly to the team that investigates cheating.

Lol but she was ok when you guys wanted her to join your team? :joy: now, that she’s declined joining you it’s not fair? Or is it more about being butthurt?

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She isn’t welcome period because we believed her and normally people make a plan with Scopely to correct her situation. She has done nothing to fix it.