ROBERTSON how to find it?

ok i keep seeing this region and people play in him but when i serch this region i can’t find it to join with a new acc why i want to see how is there maybe some of my friends play there if i want to move there how to move when i can’t find it ?

this 3 guys is from region ROBERTSON i search for this region and pull 3 times from up to down and can’t find him to join and explore it

The very newest regions do not allow any inbound transfer to protect the new players from veterans who’ve been grinding for years from transferring in and demolishing them.


nice but i don’t want to transfer just to join with new account and start all again for now ok nvm thx
btw new player i see this 3 guys factions lvl 56 to 77 all with s11++ is not very new have something in this region im sure and scopely hide something

Same concept. They try to isolate new regions from veteran players because it’s tough for new players who don’t have three years of playing experience to keep up.

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the new players who you talking about to be protected now is on first place cause they are protected and is a new players … gj scopely

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Lol yeah. That tinus guy from forbiden genesis. Hes a whale and how can a whale be in a new region if he has no experience before? Just curious

His account was stolen by VK hackers. So now he’s had to start over and is terrorizing a brand new region with VK toons all over again.

yeah keep telling yourself that, I’ve seen your ‘new account roster’ you have been sharing in a 3 month old region, all maxed out S Class toons that most top players in this game don’t have due to gear shortages lol

Depot points don’t get you 6* gear that every whale in this game is starved out of. Only assault markers + league stores does, and no way in god’s green earth can someone in a new region have that much gear to max all those S Class even after buying daily gear offers. Try again.

Thats league ranking, and it’s determined by every opening qualifier week of a new league season. How does that factor into your defense of having decked out S Class roster in a brand new region? It doesn’t , its basic understanding of the game, and you are just trying to deter from the truth because you have no counter argument or explanation about how you got all those gears. Try again.

Yeah, your league points in a brand new region and buying gear daily doesn’t get you enough gear needed to max that many S Class toons. It’s common sense, the rules and offers are no different for you than any other player in this region whether they are in a new region or old. It’s called progression, why do you think no one else in your region has come close to even maxing 1 S Class toon , while you have every S Class that’s been released already maxed and showing off?? At least next time cheat and hide better.

And definitely look forward to beating your VK roster in 3-4 turns despite how maxed out it is. Hope you don’t get banned before then.

You have a whole region waiting for me? Lol

Walkers will put a hurt on you so bad if we ever come across you in a war that you would be wishing VK sold God mode cheats to win matches.

What exactly are you going to explain? Let’s hear it. This will be interesting coming from the guy who crafted CRIT on every weapon for 3 yrs… lol

You keep on staying on your VK Bucket mate, we don’t need to cheat :slight_smile:

Once a cheater always a cheater.

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@Tinusvd is the VK poster child. Guy went on a huge rant posting SS with his conversations with them and how they took his account away. Now he’s in a brand new region with a fully leveled roster.

I was in Webster with him and he always sucked at raiding/war despite having all the tools. It’s no surprise he had to go to a new region to feel good about himself

He admit that he was cheating in event chat for god sake. I’m not ss it coz i think it wont be discussed here in forum. Tinus, you are a whale admit it or not. We all see your toons. For a player in a 6 months region, it is impossible unless you spent money, or cheating.

@Tinusvd these guys are out for you

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S16 but still can’t make proper defs, this guy is pathetic for a vk user

Money can’t buy skill unfortunately. That’s why he moved to a brand new region