Robert Kirkman presents sweepstakes


Did anyone win a signed copy of the walking dead comic from the recent Robert Kirkman presents sweepstake?
Scopely hasn’t yet updated the post with a list of winners but I’m sure this is a mere oversight.

Previous sweepstakes always seemed to be forgotten. I hope this isn’t the case with this one and the comics in question haven’t been shared around scopely hq.


I seriously doubt it. With scopely, money is a one way street. Those went straight on ebay.


I have a faction member that won the signed comic. He sent a picture of it when he received it.


I can’t technically update the post with their names. :,(

But yes! They were notified within a day of it ending and sent out! Sent them out myself. :slight_smile:


Ooh! Did he share it with the faction? That’s awesome! :smiley:


Hey Kali could you check pm?


I don’t see a PM from you, :frowning: can you bump it?


Kinda new so I don’t eh no how to hahahahaha, I’ll send you a new one!


First time I’ve ever heard of a winner of a scopely sweepstakes


No worries!
Click on my name and then Message :slight_smile:


Should be sent now!


I managed to get one of the 10k 5star tokens awhile back, unfortunately I pulled another tough mark.


This forum should really come with a set of instructions LOL


I know a guy who got one


Do the tutorial then. Smh.




I got it! Awesome.
Did you check here?



In most States it legally binding that the names of the winners be published, for any kind of contest, giveaway, whatever. If I’m not mistaking it’s 48 of the 50 States so, where’s the list of winners?

This is required so that it’s not a scam or that the prizes were not just given to employees or friends.


Well either way it’s good to know people did win. Hopefully we’ll see more sweepstakes like this in the future.


I mean, I can double check with Legal but that doesn’t seem right.