Roadmaps with Energy Cans

I dont get much coins (poor working class) to play with. Any chance for roadmaps with energy cans Scopely?

Someone tag a member of Scopely member for me please?

My supply markers depot weekly refresh gave me War Cans…cry

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This is one thing I never understood, why we rarely get World NRG cans on these NRG heavy roadmaps. They give us raid and SR cans which are useless on the roadmaps. I’d much rather have a few world NRG cans tossed in to help finish the map.

Side note I think War, SR cans etc should’ve been added to the league store not Supply Depot.

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Just in case you didn’t know. many scavenger missions offer chances at world cans as hidden bonus rewards if you fulfill the secret requirements. There’s a spreadsheet going around; I don’t have the link at hand unfortunately.

With that (and war rewards etc.), you can build up a nice stockpile over time - I’m at over 200, and I don’t buy any with coins/money.

I have over 250 world cans. Only complete the maps that are worth it.

Also they are available in the SD and scavenger missions.

I do agree they should be included in some of the 35+ entry cost maps.

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