Roadmaps promises (in my eyes)

So there was supposed to be a war energy roadmap today that never showed up…why is scopley failing so hard with the new roadmap format…we were again made a huge list of empty promises,…and they wonder why their game is to put it kindly … On life support


It might have came later than what was on the original calendar, but this is a revamp to the roadmap and it’s up now. Please don’t bash kinks that are still being worked out like in any other game. If your mindset is that bad on the game, maybe you should stop playing bud.


^^^^What he said…lol


I don’t recall the word “promise” ever being used… the fact the road map calander has an asterisk on it tells us it’s more of a recommendation than a blatiant promise


that’s what gets me every time. people see things and assume they are promises. scopely never promises anything but people always take it as a promise. example: “the promises in albert’s letter”. If anyone has the original letter, go through it and see if you can find the word promise anywhere. anyway i just got done doing the war roadmap, so it showed up.

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Ok…well you’re taking a word too literal…they told us there would be more roadmaps…nightmare mode…things like this…I take it as a promise that when they tell us…the people who are paying for them to even make this game … That these things will happen…I guess you’re happy tho with the mediocrity level of game play this game has suddenly developed in to!

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I’ve put too much money…and more importantly time in to this game to just quit now…every one bitches and bitches about this game and call out 1 aspect I’m unhappy with and you tell me I should quit?..the game is steadily dying…I called this out bc in my opinion the roadmap upgrade I was informed about excited me…and it’s been weeks and I’ve seen no such thing…if you don’t like my post perhaps don’t comment on it “bud!”

Play nice… I feel like this topic is irrelevant now seeing as though we did eventually get the war can map.

As for nightmare mode, they said it is in the works.

The war can map was just an example…

In the works just like t6 faction assault.

Updated for those things and neither are available lol

I thought it was coming monday.

Found it.

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1 word…


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You’re asking the wrong person. I was replying to the war can map specifically.

This game still pulls in plenty of money daily, it might be on life support in your eyes, but Scopely and many others would disagree. Coming on here and bashing them for a map showing up a bit late when the format was just introduced makes zero sense. Like I said if you want to complain of so many broken promises when none of these things were a concrete promise, maybe you should find a new game BUD. :slight_smile:

The original topic was about a war can map “being promised”, which is now resolved.

If anyone has any differing concerns you should allocate a separate thread for it tbh.

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Did anyone else read his reply back to me in a Donald Trump voice? If not read it again with that voice lmao.


I was directly posting about the continuation of OP’s question about war cans map and nightmare mode. Those are the ones I know about and quoted for them that I saw t6* was coming monday to answer @Locked-Away.

I don’t know about Albert’s letter nor do I have authority to speak about the contents in the letter… I was answering the OP.


I don’t know what region you play in but there are regions where only one faction places in events…my region has about 10 factions so yes the game is steadily dying…I don’t again understand why you feel the need to tell me to quit the game bc I am unhappy with a particular part of the game but again…if you don’t like my post I will not be bothered I’d you don’t comment on it!