Roadmaps problems


Are more people having weird timestamps on there roadmap

Roadmaps frozen

Maybe they are permanent now?


Hope not, not exactly the best roadmaps to be permanently there


Wth? Over Two days left and roadmaps are frozen.


Randall offer… Jesus…


I dont think Jesus is gonna help with this one, he got shanked by a whisperer:rofl:


Roadmaps shouldn’t even be frozen after 2 days


I used 10k of canned beans to get the turkey and do the map but its still locked… Shouldve gotten the mod boxes.


Lol welp, now I know not to do it until the maps are fixed.


My roadmap is fine


Any way to get the turkey back i got from museum while the map was glitching?

Edit: I see the map is fine now, didnt get my stuff back tho.


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