Roadmaps Not Appearing

@kalishane Can you or someone else update us on what is happening with the roadmaps.

Yesterday the xp roadmap didnt show up until well into the afternoon and only had 11 hours left on it. Again today it is not there.
The gear map was a few hours late yesterday too.
Was there a mistake with the xp map or is that the new layout, only being 12 hours?


The roadmaps are fucked up by the update… this is what got until the xp roadmap showed up


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Kinky :wink: yes please testdungeon8


Sounds like thats meant for the german region

That couple seems innocent enough. I wonder if they know what they are getting themselves into in the test dungeon


@kalishane still no word on what’s going on with our roadmaps?

Still no daily roadmap! Wish someone would communicate with us about why we don’t have one if we are getting one or what the deal is. @kalishane

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And here I thought the Roadmap experience was going to be amazing after the update. Instead it just disappeared :frowning:


I hope they don’t overload us with tons of 24 hours roadmaps on the same day to make up for not having any.


@kalishane this is the 3rd day this week without our daily map. Any explanation or update would be appreciated.

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Maybe the update was “up to 20 roadmaps” cumulative, not coincident. And 18 of them are radio maps

does it really matter, thursday roadmap is the only one worth doing

Thats not the point. And my alt account begs to differ. That XP roadmap is huge when you just restarted and are level 21

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That’s a good start.

Boom three maps to work just like that…

Can we get some more please?

Why not just make it farmable?? We still have to spend energy on them? Limiting them to once a day actually hurts you in the long run because we can farm them without wasting cans.

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