Roadmaps... Change up needed?

Recently there were Roadmaps of increased difficulty.
It was a nice change.

I’ve been playing another game recently which has Roadmaps with certain restrictions and increased difficulty.

I think a lot of the players get bored when there’s nothing much to aim for.
In the old days the gear Roadmaps were the 1st big hurdle to pass to move onto the next level.
Today there’s no Roadmaps to push players and make them think.

I remember when I’d been playing a few months and the Chad roadmap came out.
I actually coined for the 1st time in any game about 3 times to be able to get him.
Think I missed out on the previous 4*.
But having that aim to be able to get one helped…

Or the Persona Roadmaps…which made you aware you where lacking leaders, red citizens etc…

I know a lot of the community gets annoyed when they can’t compete…say if there underleveled and it’s too difficult.
But making the game and difficulty with levels very similar is causing more issues…even though the ones been effected will be less likely to suggest change.

You can’t please everyone…but having the game been auto friendly with all isn’t going to excite the player base.

Opinions welcome.


I just find myself auto farming all of them which isn’t that fun I loved when you could only use a red team or a leader team only def made you think more

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To this point now they may as well put hard road maps up for 5* toons