Roadmaps Bugged?

Am I the only one can’t go into this Roadmap?

Yesterday the Ultimate Gear map was fully bugged. Crashed the game when I click.

Now same issue with mod roadmap?

Prolly because Mod roadmaps are on Sundays

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I know right. Weird.

It actually only appears on my bluestacks and not my cellphone. Bugged!

Ayo i dunno if you been working the scav camps.
But seemingly, if you full mod that 5 star scav team, get up to s5
seems to actually make the bonus missions succeed more often.

I feel like i’ve failed so few compared to before was more or less 50-50.

We’ve actually known for years that higher team grades make the bonuses succeed more often. The more interesting question to me is, what is the minimum requirement to be successful?

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