Roadmaps are back!


There back
There weekly
Ultra rare is back babbbbyyy and a ascemdense medal roadmap


Ascendance medal roadmap?


Just the gear map and normal dailies on mine :frowning:


Hi Mysterion! I changed the title to help just so it’s a little more obvious what the thread is about! Also, I am aware the ascendance medal map is coming.




Coming soon countdowns are… coming soon :rofl::rofl::rofl:


@kalishane I don’t know how much you had to do with getting farmable gear maps back but if it was anything thank you. The gear shortage was a struggle.


What? Where? /huh


It’s on the list right after declaring the lootbox / pull chances


Where does it say we are getting a farmable gear map?


Some clarification on farmable or not would be nice


They are not, they want to control the ratio of gear we get from rm and offer the presumable scarcity via offers


But then why seoerate it out like thay and then include an ascendance medal comment. Idk


Awesome I hadn’t updated yet thanks for the heads up!


Nightmare mode?

Anyone see it or know how to activate it?


It says comming soon for the nightmare mode


I like the sound of this!


RIP, Gold Radio. We never even knew you…




Can’t remember last time I used items. Certainly never used continues lol