Roadmap....this is not good


First things first. Thank you, Shane, for taking the time to post the map.

Now comes the bad news. Is anyone remotely happy with this schedule?

There are three days with nothing regularly planed yet on Can Thursday we have 3 energy expensive maps to run plus an important 4th which is shirts and gloves. This is unacceptable! Move two of the maps to Friday and Saturday.

Just how many cans do you expect us to throw at these roadmaps?
Are you seriously going to put this kind of a stranglehold on the required gear for leveling our toons?

Without using cans if we just run the roadmap once every week it will take 4 1/2 months to gather enough gear to level one 5-star toon to a t3 6-star. How can anyone find this acceptable? Even if we do use a can everything is locked inside one of your awful rng boxes. If you think this will increase revenue you are sadly mistaken.

I am sure I am not alone in thinking this way. Please tell me the team is open to changes because this new schedule is unacceptable. This desire to put a stranglehold on gear is ridiculous. I highly doubt I am alone with this sentiment.


They’ve been this way for a while – minus the ultra rare gear map instead of ultimate.
If things change, I will update it!

Thanks for the feedback!


Its not ideal but…who says you have to farm these maps EVERY week…? I skip gear hunt very often and i have more than enough…same with ultra rare gear…


There’s also going to be a lot more added as we go!

We haven’t launched a roadmap that shows off the new tech really! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I know they have been cramming things into Can Thursday for a long while now. Didn’t make it right. I don’t mind using cans. I do mind being forced to especially when there are days with nothing of importance going on in the roadmap.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. All any of us wants is a better game.


I have no problems with it. All good, I do what I can and what I want with the roadmaps and move on. Just replay the missions after you are done or skip some. You don’t have to complete everything.


16 hours of weapon parts only??? And only every other week??? Not good


Because we have 3 days with nothing going on in the roadmap. There is no reason why weapon parts couldn’t be on Friday and ultra rare on a Saturday other than the obvious desire for us to burn through many cans or forfit necessary gear and mats.


I know it’s half and half when it comes to weekends, some people play less and some people have more time. I like the freed up time for roadmaps on the weekend, but it doesn’t really matter anyway because I just deal with things the way they are and try to make it work for me. I don’t mind burning through cans either, but only what I want, I don’t go overboard.


People are leaving the game. Things like this will only expedite that. I want the game to flourish again. Doing things like this is not the answer. You cannot have 20 days or more of our event schedule be level ups and then make it impossible to get the necessary gear unless you are willing to use cans. Everything in the game can’t be placed behind a paywall if it hopes to survive.


Yeah… I’m at 0 shirts… Damn annoying having this flood, but better than nothing so I’ll hold further comment.


Well, we had better last week. We had the ultimate map up 4 times. Now we’re down to 1 day for each one.

I mean look at this. How can I be the only one upset with what they cram into every Thursday? Then there will be nothing to do the entire weekend. It’s a joke.

They finally gave us a silver medal map but it takes 8 weeks to earn enough to ascend one 6-star. What is with the snail’s pace on everything?


You ain’t the only one pal. I mean damn, how much could they cram?


cramming everything in on a thursday is one of the most annoying things scopely does, and clearly does on purpose. not even about having to use cans but the time requirements to finish everything and accomplish what you need, farming wise. it’s a big middle finger to everyone that plays imo.


Another 13 roadmaps =-)


They just added another one but at least its got 3 days to complete it. We can save it for the weekend where there will be NOTHING else to farm.


Wait, you farm? But you hate using cans



Hate having to use cans I suppose.


Making me quote myself. I already answered your “question”.


edit - No one is a fan of The Princess Bride? That’s just…



Packing the ultra rare gear, weapon parts.and glive/shirt maps all into one day is a real kick in the nuts to anyone that works or has school. Some of us can’t sit on our phoes all day long farming even if we had hundreds of cans to burn. This game is taking on full-time job status anymore just to stay competitive. Rapidly losing any semblance of fun. Please consider spreading these out. @kalishane